25 years of Life Changing Events

Today is my 25th birthday and I have so much to be thankful for. People and events that made me who I am today. I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on what they are and give thanks for who they’ve made me.
1. My family-words can’t even express
2. My friends-crazy and lovable through thick and thin
2. 2012…the hardest year of my life
3. Studying in Argentina and making friends of a lifetime
4. My time at Concordia College with awesome people
5. Camp Metigoshe-camper and counselor
6. Moving to Minot 1996 and spending time with amazing grandparents who taught me to ride bike, swing, and the importance of family and faith
7. Biggest Loser at SOS Image with amazing trainers
8. Youth group at Christ Lutheran Church with a great youth director Ben and awesome friends
9. Learning the importance of unconditional love, faith, and gallo pinto with my abuela
10. Working at the Center for Family Medicine and meeting the strongest woman Coral June
11. Finding a job where I get to work with great kids everyday (3 months off a year is nice)
12. Amazing faith friends in all areas of life….Good to see God in so many lives (WTF, God?!)
13. Opportunities to travel near and far-Argentina, Nicaragua, Panama, Montana, California, Utah and many more.
14. My home dogs- Lady, Rocky, and Chica have taught me about loyalty and having someone genuinely glad to have you come home.
15. Dance- dance classes, dance team, dancing in Argentina and Panama, dancing in the rain, dancing in my kitchen…
16. Being diagnosed with ADHD- when you figure something out and work to fix it, it’s an awesome feeling.
17. Having a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, food in my tummy, clothes on my hot body and all my basic needs met and highly exceeded.
18. Trees, mountains, fresh air, blue skies, rainbows and all of God’s natural reminders that He loves me. Without Him, I truly am nothing.
19. You! You may not know it, but you influence me every single time we are together, talk, text, or I even think about you. THANK YOU.
20. Minot High School- learning about myself, my friends, and a little about academics. Who would have thought I’d be teaching here?!
21. Erik Ramstad Middle School- great friends, hilarious orchestra memories with Ellie, lots of tight neon pants
22. North Hill Elementary- friends that have lasted most of a LIFETIME!
23. My furry daughter Estrella- She came to me when I was lonely and has brightened my day. I’m never bored that’s for sure.
24. My sister- she may be my little sister but she always gives great advice and helps me through life. She’s even giving me a brother. Love her more than anything.
25.My mom and my dad without them I would not be the person I am today. They have loved me as I am and let me find my way, but never leaving my side. I love them more than anything in the world.

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