Just the Essentials

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed about how much I have to get done. It’s clear that I am not the only person in the world that feels that way. It’s easy to have our lives run by errands, schedules, commitments, and what we think we have to get done. Often we find that we are so busy we can’t even enjoy what or who we have in our lives.

I’m guilty of trying to please people and saying yes to things that maybe I shouldn’t. When I do something, I want to do it well, but that isn’t possible if I’m stretched in all different areas. I think it’s really important for me to focus on what I find to truly be essential in life. The rest can be a distraction.

I’ve decided that a goal of mine is to get rid of distractions. I am trying to de-clutter my life. I want to get rid of physical things that don’t serve a purpose. I want to remove commitments that don’t allow me to focus on what I believe in. I want to keep all things that have a purpose and things that I love. I want to have time to enjoy what I have around me.

It’s time to get back to the essentials.

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