If I can stomach it…

Something that I have been struggling with, as long as I can remember, is my weight and health. I know what needs to be done and how to achieve my goals in this area, but actually following through and doing the tasks is a whole other struggle.

In the last few months, I have been falling in love with the idea of minimalism: getting rid of the useless and distracting things to truly focus on what you value and love. As I’ve thought, journaled and read about the topic, I have always written down or thought about how health is something I think is truly important. Even with all this, it’s so easy for my actions not to show that.

Since July, I have been having stomach issues. It could have been from all the fun traveling that I did and the different foods that I ate. Or it could be my body telling me, enough is enough. I tried to let it get better on it’s own, tried over the counter medicine, and finally went to the doctor this week.

I’m finally on the road to curing my tummy, but after this fun time of wondering why my stomach can’t just shape up and do it’s job, I’ve realized a few things. If I want something to function properly I’ve got to really take care of it. If I want my stomach to be able to work, then I’ve got to actually be mindful of what I put in.The more I take care of my body, the better it will take care of me. I’ve only got one body, so if I break it, destroy it, or just neglect it, I will feel the results. None of this is new information, but for some reason it didn’t really hit home until I realized that I needed to go to the doctor after suffering for over a month. 

It makes me thankful for the chance to learn from my mistakes and make a change for the better. All the reading says getting healthy and staying that way is simple, and I agree. I need to put things into my body that will help me stay fueled, energized, and give me the nutrients I need. I need to stay active in order to keep my body running in the best condition. I need to rest so that my body has time to heal, refresh and get ready for more action.

Three simple rules that I need to follow: eat to fuel, stay active, and rest. Each day I want to work hard at doing these things. Change isn’t easy, but I know in this case it will be worth it. I think of a future where I can go anywhere and do anything without being limited by my body. I want to travel, see, taste, and explore without having to worry about being sick. I want to climb, run, hike and so much more without being upset that I’m too out of breathe.

I guess with all this being said, I can be grateful that I had some stomach problems that weren’t too major, but I want to make sure I do all I can to prevent them from happening again. I’ll take each day for what it is, a blessing, and do the best that I can. When I mess up, I won’t get angry, I’ll get more motivated. So here’s to a happier and healthier life.  

One thought on “If I can stomach it…

  1. Tony W says:

    Great that you decided to take care and prepare your body for life and travel as you would prepare your car. There was a time I found myself taking care of my car better than I took care of myself.


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