Compulsive Planner

Something you may or may not know about me is that I love to plan and organize. I like to plan out my days, weeks and months. I have to do lists for different areas of my life and feel joy when I get to cross something off. Sometimes I even cheat and write something I’ve already done on the list just to cross it off. I love to feel prepared and as if have everything under my control.

When I was younger, I thought I would grow up and be such a well put together adult. My to do lists would flow and I would be so productive. I would be this chic woman who just did so much and made such an impact. Who would have known that being an adult was so much more difficult?!

I’m now out of college and in my fourth year of teaching. I live in my own apartment and have a cat. Somehow my to do lists just don’t do themselves and I haven’t automatically learned how to balance all of my needs and desires into one life. Something that I have learned is that I can’t plan everything. I can do my best to accomplish my goals and to do lists. I can work my butt off, but I can’t do everything.

I’m going to slip up, have an off day, or accidentally forget a commitment. All I can do is forgive myself and move on. It will be ok and I just need to do what I am capable of. The rest is is in God’s hands.

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