Give it your full attention

In order to be able to do something well, you have to believe in it completely. You may have the skills and capability to get something done. You may know the different steps to a dance. You may know how to do many things, but unless you actually believe that it is a worthy cause, you won’t do it to the best ability.

It is so easy to say yes to things out of duty. You feel obligated to do something so you jot your name on the list. The next thing you know, you are loaded down with a list of things to do that you don’t truly understand why you are doing them in the first place.

In life, there are things that need to be done simply out of responsibility. But I have decided that when it comes to special projects or things that should be considered fun, I want to make sure they are things that I truly enjoy and believe in. That way I can do my best and give my full focus to things that truly matter to me.

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