Celebrate the victory, no matter the size

So I must admit, I have not been hitting the health and fitness areas of my life as hard as I could be. I try to make wiser decisions with eating and am getting some exercise. Could I be I working harder at the gym? Yes. Could I be on a much stricter diet? Yes. And I do want to make some more improvements in these areas.

I also need to be thankful as far as how far I have come. Each step in the right direction is a step that I am so proud of. This past weekend I got two new pairs of jeans and they were a size smaller than my last. I actually haven’t been in this size in a while and was happy to see the number again.

Life is about embracing where you are, trying to do your best, getting up after a fall, and most importantly celebrating when you see some change. No matter how big or small. Improvement is improvement. So work towards your goals and enjoy the results you see and feel.

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