New Semester!

As a teacher, my life is kind of run by the school calendar. I look forward to the end of August for a new school year. I look forward to the breaks that come up and give me a some relief and relaxation. Today is the beginning of a new semester. That means new classes, new faces, new schedules, new chances, and new grades. For a kid that is a big deal and for a teacher it is too. I like to look forward to the idea of a fresh start. Even if I have the same kids that I had last semester we are all getting the same chance to begin with a clean slate.

This new semester is kind of different for me. I have a student teacher. Today is his first day of taking over Spanish 2 for me and the plan is next week he will take over Spanish 1. I’m finding myself with less and less on my to do list and more and more time for reflection, getting things that I’ve wanted to do done, and the job of guiding someone else. It’s an interesting thing to help someone move forward and start to shape their career.

It’s funny how people really look forward to the new year, the new semester, the new month, or even the new week to begin something. If you want to make a change or a difference, why wait? Why not start now? I’m challenging myself to stop waiting and just start doing. This may be one of my most difficult challenges for myself, but I hope to stop waiting and starting living. Take the challenge with me!

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