We don’t understand the concept of time

timeWe truly don’t understand time. It doesn’t seem to work in the way we think it should. Time keeps ticking by, whether we want it to or not. Sometimes we can’t wait for an event and it seems like it just drags on. Other times things happen so quickly we don’t even know where it went or what we did.

The thing is, time is constant. It just keeps ticking by. What qualifies as a second doesn’t change. The amount of minutes in an hour is always 60. Our lives are the things that change. We never have the same day twice. We aren’t living in Groundhog’s day.

So many of us spend time waiting for Monday, next week, next month or even next year. I think we just need to embrace the now. We can face our fears and accomplish our dreams. The time is going to go by whether we want it to or not. We will either use the time to accomplish our goals or waiting for the right time. Why wait, the time is now.

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