Reasons why teachers SHOULD get summers off

  1. 5 hours of prep per week does not equal grading 6 hours worth of homework, time to plan, time to copy and time to breathe.
  2. We use summers to attend workshops, read books on education, and work on their curriculum. It’s never really over for us!
  3. We like to experience what these magical things called hobbies. Sometimes I forget that people read for fun, sit outside, garden, cook, travel!
  4. Summers usually include beautiful weather and it would be just plain cruel to put us in a classroom full of kids that are aching to be outside. Just lock us in the classrooms when they wouldn’t survive the weather outside. Then they have no choice!
  5. It takes about three months to forget the feeling of being pulled in to 20 different directions- 5 to answer questions about the work, 5 to get kids back on track, 3 to take away cell phones, 2 to stop conflicts from happening, and 5 more that are just us spinning in circles.
  6. It’s good to give parents a taste of what we experience for 9 months out of the year. It usually instills a little bit of gratitude and appreciation.
  7. We need to time to recharge, rest, meditate, and get ready to do a job that we love with all our hearts.

It might sound like I don’t like my job, but in reality I LOVE it! Sometimes I have thoughts like these running through my mind and I wonder why even do what I do, but everyday in one way or another I’m reminded of what makes it all worth it- the kids!

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