How to keep resources organized

When I’ve got resources coming in from many different places it can be hard to keep things straight. I’ve kept my files in a binder, on my desktop, in my Dropbox, in Google Drive, in a notebook…the list could go on and on. Sometimes it feels like I’ve tried keeping my teaching resources organized in every way imaginable.

I decided that enough was enough. I sat down and gathered all my resources from all the places that I’ve been keeping them. I looked at the most useful and easily accessible tool to keep everything together- I decided to use Google Drive.

I created folders for each of my units and then began to drag the different resources into the unit that I would use them. Honestly, this is probably the part that took the longest. I wanted to get EVERYTHING put into units of how I’ve used them previously.

After putting the different files into the units, I looked at what types of files I have in each unit. For me, I have worksheets, handouts, assessments, in class activities, culture, and presentations. I decided to create a folder for each type of file within each unit so that I would be able to find them when I need them.

I’m actually really happy with how quick and easy it is to find the files. This also gives me a better idea of what kind of resources I have for each unit and what I might want to add to.

Everyone has their own way of organizing things. What do you do?

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